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Textiles are at the heart of sustainable products and fair working conditions. We ensure that our partners are internationally certified.

  • Eco tex 100

    Eco tex 100

    We work with partners around the world to achieve the health and safety standard 100

  • Eco tex - green manufacturing

    Eco text-green manufacturing

    If necessary, we will select suppliers that have passed the green certification, so as to meet the particularly high requirements for social sustainable production and sustainability.

  • OIOS
    Working conditions


    OIOS is a leading enterprise initiative aimed at improving working conditions in the global supply chain. All certified partners have an obligation to comply with the OIOS code of conduct. The independent entity is reviewing progress.

  • Global recycling standard (GRS)

    Global recycling standard (GRS)

    GRS is an international voluntary and comprehensive product standard, which provides independent certification requirements for recycled materials, product chain, social and environmental related practices and chemical restrictions.

  • Climate neutral transport
    Climate neutral transport

    Working with our partners, we move climate neutral transport to a more sustainable supply chain. All carbon dioxide emissions caused by international cargo transportation will be compensated by supporting climate change projects. These projects are carefully examined by independent verification criteria and bring additional environmental, social and economic benefits in accordance with the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Sustainable business

In addition to paying attention to beautiful products and life concepts, it is also very important for us to meet customers' requirements for product safety and quality. SA8000 certification particularly clearly shows that we have always been concerned about human and animal safety.

  • Eco tex 100

    SA8000 sets standards for social sustainability, management and monitoring. Verification of compliance with SA8000 standards resulted in obtaining SA8000 certificates. Social responsibility international (SAI) developed the standard in 1997 in close cooperation with business, trade unions and human rights organizations.

  • Eco tex 100

    The business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) was established to deal with people in an ethical manner throughout the supply chain. It also focuses on ensuring a safe working environment for everyone.

  • Eco tex 100

    Reach is a European standard for safe and environmentally friendly treatment of chemicals as defined by the European Chemicals Agency.

  • Eco tex 100

    Oeko tex Standard 100 is a testing and certification system for textiles. The standard focuses on limiting the use of hazardous substances related to the health of end users.

  • Eco tex 100

    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization dedicated to global conservation and responsible forest management. When considering the ecological, social and economic aspects related to forest management in a balanced manner, the FSC talks about responsible forest management.