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What are Stock Lots and How you can Profit from them?

  • We have been doing this business more than ten years, it is an import part of our business. We focus on the home textiles. And we focus on the quality and customer experience.

  • A stock lot sale is something that is sold in bulk by its weight or quantity. As an importer,if you buy stock lot ,which will can help you in a number of ways. What are stock lots is something every importer needs to keep in mind before they decide to start importing goods from a stock lots exporter. In another words, you should know more details before you decide to buy even it is a stock lot.

  • And the most most most important for us is that we are saving the earth,we make the most use of the goods we have produced. We buy and we sell these items for our next generation and next generation’s next generation.

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What Are Stock Lots?

What can you Profit from stock lot?

  • These products purchased at much lower prices can boost your sales profits. Once you've decided what you want to import, you need to figure out how you will be selling the products. While some stock lot exports deal in unfinished goods that you can convert into a finished product and sell. And you can sell it at lower price than your competitors and you can get more customer.

  • It is important to choose your product well, based on what you plan on selling.

  • Stock lots are perfect for wholesaler and super market stores because they spend the lowest cost to get the quality goods. They can get huge profits if they sell at normal price. And they can can sell fast if they sell a little lower price and get good profits as well.

  • Stock lots are perfect for manufacturers too because they can provide one of the lowest-cost sources of goods. You can earn huge profits by creating products using unfinished goods. However, this will require time and additional investment.

  • If you select us as your strategy business partner, your profit margins will go up. As a result, you can deliver a better quality finished goods and specialty products at much lower prices as compared to other suppliers.

  • Finished goods

  • Importing finished goods could also help you increase your profit margin. These goods can come with or without the original packaging and typically include a variety of styles, sizes, and patterns.
    But we will help you sew your private label and put your great logo insert on it, then it has good looking and it is fresh for our customers and it is new displaying in your stores.
    Finished goods are ideal for resellers. When you purchase products at such a low cost you can in turn offer your buyers a lower price for the quantity and still make a good profit.

Finding the Best stock lots supplier-------GOLDEN HOLDING CO.,LTD

  • There are a number of stock lots exporters you’ll find all over the world. Find an exporter that specializes in an industry with which you like to do business. WE believe that ,GOLDEN HOLDING IS THE BEST OF THE BEST, because it has a long history of dealing with textiles, especially home textiles. And always ship on time and ship good quality.

  • Stock lot sales are all about the best value for your money. Figure out which products or goods can yield you the maximum profit for you. Focus on discovering what works best in your target market or for your manufacturing purposes. Begin by importing a range of products, and then reorder the ones that work best. If you already know what products you are looking for, check out our available stock lots here:
    Finished goods: blankets/throws,curtains,panels,cushions,cushion covers,bedspreads,doormats,bathmats,bath robe,pajamas,comforters,pet pads,pet beds; Fabric Material: flannel,coral,polar fleece,pv, faux fur,sofa fabric,curtain fabric,blackout fabric,jacquard fabric,microfiber,knitted fabric,jersey;

  • Golden Holding is a major stock lot exporter in CHINA that exports various kinds of textiles and finished goods and other materials to countries all over the world.

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What Stock Lots Can I Buy?

  • Although we focus on the hometextiles,we are growing up day by day and we are doing more items.
    Any items you can think of can be bought in stocklots. From textiles to dayly used items to toys, hardware, machinery, the list goes on and on.

  • Regardless of your type of business, your area of expertise, you should consider buying goods in bulk as it increases your chances of making a larger profit.

Which countries need Stocklots?

  • ALL countries need stock lots.

  • If you are set up very well to start a stocklot importing business ,you will find nice profits. Because your cost is lower than your competitors, you can sell fast and you can enjoy more profits.

  • This allows you to have leverage with your potential customers and gives you an opportunity to set the price.

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